Attention Shareholders
  • Freezing of Folios of physical shareholders... Last date for KYC is 31st December, 2023... Act now Ref: SEBI Circular SEBI/HO/MIRSD/MIRSD-PoD-1/P/CIR/2023/37

Recovery of unclaimed shares & dividends from IEPF

Recovery of Unclaimed Shares and Dividends

Innumerable investors who have invested in the companies during the era of Physical Shares either have lost the track of it or due to their sudden demise or of their family, is unaware of such investments. There can be various other reasons why the shares and dividend remain unclaimed:

  1. Loss of Share Certificates;
  2. Change in Address;
  3. Inoperative Bank Account;
  4. Forgotten Shares

As per the Section 124 (5) of Companies Act 2013 any dividend lying unpaid and unclaimed with a company for 7 consecutive years is transferred to IEPF Authority. All the shares, on which dividend remained unclaimed and unpaid for seven consecutive years, are also transferred to IEPF Authority.

Recovering the Unclaimed Shares and Dividends for Investors is our Expertise.

We assist our clients as follows:

  1. Obtaining duplicate shares in case of loss of shares;
  2. Correction of personal details of the shareholder in records of the Company;
  3. Updating the correct details of the shareholder in the records of the company;
  4. Researching and tracing the forgotten shares;
  5. Transmission of shares in case of death of shareholder;
  6. DEMAT of physical shares

The Wealth Finder in a minimum turnaround time, assist our clients in Recovering the Unclaimed Shares and Dividends from IEPF Authority.

How can we assist you?

  • You get advice and assistance from experienced professionals;
  • You retrieve your lost wealth at a reasonable cost, we charge competitive fees;
  • You do not need to handle the documentations, follow ups;
  • You save your time and efforts

Please proceed to start your recovery