The Wealth Finder assists NRIs to track & recovery their unclaimed shares & dividends, mutual funds, shares/bond/debentures transferred to IEPF. Our services also include assistance with obtaining PAN card, opening of NRE/NRO Bank account & Demat accounts, and assistance with the apostille of documents to complete the process of recovering back of shares. In cases of transmission a claimant may also need some other services as listed below.


The word ‘transmission’ can be defined as the transfer of title by operation of law. In case of the death of the shareholder, process of passing of ownership/title of shares to the legal heirs or the successors is called transmission of shares. If a person dies and leaves his/her Will behind, it is called as Testate Succession. However, if a deceased person didn’t leave any Will, it is term intestate succession. In case of Testate Succession, the Legal heirs have to approach the competent Courts for obtaining Probate of Will depending on the jurisdiction the Will has been executed in and also according to the jurisdiction where the immovable assets are located. In case of intestate succession, a succession Certificate has to be obtained from the jurisdiction where the deceased had his fixed place of residence.

One might feel the process of transmission overwhelming and never ending. Just connect with us & we will assist you throughout the complete process of transmission.

According to the Succession Acts governed in India, a Probate of Will is required for transmitting the properties of the testator.

If a person dies after leaving a Will, it is termed as Testate Succession. A probate of Will is required for the transmission of property of the deceased.

How we assist you

Communicate with Companies/RTA to check whether Probate is actually required or the Will alone would sufficient.

We have a network of experienced lawyers who will file an application along with the copy of Will and Proof of Death with the district Court under whose jurisdiction the deceased had his immovable property.

A succession certificate is given to the successor of a deceased person who has not prepared a will in order to establish the authenticity of the successor.

The succession certificate also gives the certificate holder authority over the deceased person’s debts and securities. The succession certificate is issued by the district judge of the relevant jurisdiction.

Their can be multiple successors. This certificate gives them the right to claim the properties of a deceased person through transmission.

Transmission of shares is the devolution of title of shares of a shareholder, due reasons such as death, inheritance, insolvency, bankruptcy, lunacy or by any other lawful means other than the transfer.

We assist our clients in every step of transmission to ease the process of recovery of their investment.

In case of sudden demise of a family member, his/her legal heir/s must apply for legal heir certificate for transfer of the assets of the deceased to his/her legal heirs.

Legal heir/s of deceased members after obtaining the death certificate from municipality/ municipal corporation, can apply for legal heir certificate by approaching the area/taluk Thasildhar, or from the corporation/municipality office of the respective area, and from the district civil court.

This certificate is an important document to establish the relationship between the deceased and legal heirs and identifies the rightful successors who can claim the assets/properties of the deceased person.