Become The Wealth Finder’s Business Associate

  • The Wealth Finder is one of the leading Search & Recovery of Shares service provider.
  • Our expertise lies in search & recovery of shares for the shareholders & their family.
  • A group of enthusiastic and high performing professionals with a purpose of easing the difficulties of investors.
  • Our team comprising young & dynamic Company Secretaries, Lawyers & Chartered Accountants having more than 50 years of cumulative experience of resolving issues faced by investors & their families.

Benefits of being our Associate

  • Zero investment required from your end.
  • No full time engagement required from your side, just refer your client to us & relax.
  • Earn significant income by way of referral fee for every client you refer to us.
  • Transparency in operation & regular status updates of your client cases.
  • You focus on your core operations & we will retrieve your client’s unclaimed shares & dividends.

What does The Wealth Finder do?

  • Search & tracking of lost shares & shares transferred to IEPF.
  • Recovery of shares & dividends from IEPF.
  • Assistance with rejected IEPF Applications.
  • DEMAT of physical shares.
  • Legal Support related to Transmission of shares, Succession certificate, Probate of Will.
  • Assistance with name mis-match, address change, signature mis-match, Name deletion.
  • Assistance for NRIs search & claiming their shares back from IEPF with least turn around time.

The Wealth Finder & You

We have the biggest unclaimed shares database and a team of high performing professionals to assist investors claiming their unclaimed wealth. With this association, we have only one motive to help your clients and those in your social network to claim their lost/unclaimed shares & dividends back. Let’s connect and help those who are struggling to get their investment back.

Who can become our associate

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